A Flat 6 Love Affair
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A Flat 6 Love Affair

Événement publié par Bart Kuykens


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Bart Kuykens - A Flat 6 Love Affair :
01 Mai 2019 - 31 Mai 2019


Maison Blanche
15 Avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris

Early rise. A new mission calls. I buckle up, put my shades on.

The scene is set. The bond between man and horsepower made. I turn the key, and put my foot down.

My mare awakens and boom! it's there! That dark iconic rattle and hum. That mechanical distorted feel.

I drive and drive, watching white lines pass by. The pulse of the open road. Noir et blanc. Like the stills I'm shooting.

Yes, I am that lucky guy who drives the dream of a kid. Who pursues his dreams. And lives outside the box.

I shoot and shoot. No penthouses or pools. No glamorous full-color studio pics. Just analog shots on black and white roll movie.

Yes, I am that guy who shoots the stuff of legends. To immortalize that classic, one-of-a-kind shape.

That is the true flat-6 love affair: that of the spontaneous combustion of the soul at the faintest sound or sight of a Porsche. That unspoken, tribal connection in owning a Porsche. United. In the heart. Under the hood.

Get the picture. Get the Porsche.

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