Andy et Lucas - GOODBYE Tour / GIRA DESPEDIDA 2024
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Andy et Lucas - GOODBYE Tour / GIRA DESPEDIDA 2024

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pop espagnole


A duo that has earned a place in the history of music in our country. Two neighborhood kids, two schoolmates, two friends who began a journey together that continues after fifteen years. Andrés Morales Troncoso and Lucas González Gómez (Cádiz, 1982) can feel proud of the path they have traveled.

His songs by him have become the soundtrack of a million-dollar legion of followers in Spain and Latin America. Merit goes hand in hand with difficulty.

Every story has a beginning. And Andy and Lucas’ story begins in a high school. That’s where the idea of forming a group arose. Spontaneously and unexpectedly. Although Andy had sung in a youth band, which even performed on television, the two friends devoted themselves to other passions, carnival and soccer. Lucas could have had a career as a footballer. His father, who played in the First Division, is convinced of this. Those teenagers were then far from knowing that music would unite them forever. Their memories take us through the different seasons traveled until we reach an unsuspected destination: a worldwide hit album.

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Meet&Greet : Ouverture des portes : 19h
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plan 2-4 impasse Lamier, 75011 Paris, France



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