Los Mirlos + Rodrigo Gallardo
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Los Mirlos + Rodrigo Gallardo

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cumbia psychédélique rock


The iconic band ‘Los Mirlos’ is well known for their incredible psychedelic Peruvian Cumbia that they have been playing since the 70’s, representing a musical legacy that cannot be mistaken.

“Los Mirlos” are the creators of an unique sound, a collage of different melodies and memories that will never be forgotten, kept alive thanks to their constant work and innovation. They have spread a musical message and the amazonian culture all over the world.
Their music never gets old thanks to the love of their fans all over the world that consider it a musical treasure and for that Los Mirlos will be forever thankful.

Première partie : Rodrigo Gallardo
Rodrigo Gallardo is a Chilean musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. For almost 10 years he was part of the Matanza group and is currently one of the leaders on the world scene of folktronics or organic electronics. As a soloist, he has five published record productions and the origin of his sound is in Andean music and Latin American roots, impregnated in turn by the modernity of electronic samples and beats.

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