The Joint #1 Jus-Ed All Night Long
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The Joint #1 Jus-Ed All Night Long

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DJ Jus-Ed (all night long set)


Djoon & DJ Jus-Ed are happy to announce UQ label boss is launching a recurring night at the club in 2019 !

« I want share my vision of clubbing & dance culture, and as I’ve garnered a stronger following with the next generation of clubbers over the last 5 years, I now want to use this as a platform for up & coming talent. I’ve played many venues in Paris, and Djoon is the best fit for me artistically, aesthetically & being a Pioneer die hard that sound-system is right up my alley. » - DJ Jus-Ed

The Bridgeport native will be kicking off the 1st edition of his residency with an all nighter set in January 2019, while guests and dates for the next editions will announced in the coming weeks.

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22 Bvd Vincent Auriol 75013 Paris - Quai De La Gare (M6)
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