Laurence ALAUX - Art Exhibition
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Laurence ALAUX - Art Exhibition

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abstraction lyrique contemporain


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Laurence Alaux is a French painter born in 1965 in Tarbes. She develops a conceptual line where strength, esotericism and depth merge together. Her work focuses on four key concerns: a graphic synthesis (structuring) evoking the search for a path between dream and reality (the real world facing the dreamlike), its materiality and its dynamics : The imposed lines, and 3 associated dimensions : - deserted virtual worlds evoking appeasement where light becomes a trace of life in perfect sets, objects of desire: the spaces, - the concept of 'passage', result of a search for possible representations of a path between these spaces. The work made of visible physical interactions: lines, lines, traces, flow of materials, chromatic flows ...: the passages and propagations, - and finally the reintroduction of the living through visible emotions, and symbols of communication. Clean and colourful simple lines bearing idealized beings on the border of a 'pop' art: the humanities. An introspective work that freezes and organizes instances of multiple visions of the dream in a graphic organization attached to the constraints of reality.

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