Concrete: Leon Vynehall + TBC
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Concrete: Leon Vynehall + TBC

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au samedi 23 février 2019 à 09:00


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deep soul house electronica microhouse float house future garage uk bass deep house uk house ambient house fake


First to take the reins of DJ-Kicks in 2019 for the 67th mix, will be ever-evolving UK artist, Leon Vynehall.

His 26-track mix moves across genres and tempo, from 79bpm ambient to 169bpm jungle, featuring new material from Vynehall, plus a number of digitally exclusive tracks.

It’s available to pre-order now on CD, LP and all digital formats, and released on the 1st February 2019. You can catch Leon Vynehall DJ-Kicks Tour early next year through Europe.

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